This list of tallest buildings in Europe ranks skyscrapers in by height. For decades, only a few major cities, such as Frankfurt, London, Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw and Moscow, contained skyscrapers. In recent years, however, construction has spread to many other cities on the continent, including Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Naples, Rotterdam, Valencia, Vienna and others. As of 2017, several European cities have more than 10 skyscrapers above 100 metres (330 ft): Moscow, Istanbul (over 100 each), London (74), Paris (72), Frankfurt (32), Benidorm (26), Warsaw (24), Kiev (23), Rotterdam (20), Milan (18), Brussels (16), Madrid (16), Barcelona (14), Berlin (13), and Naples (10). The Lakhta Center of Saint Petersburg, Russia, is the tallest completed building in Europe, standing at 462.5 metres (1,517 ft).